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Thymus vulgaris

Thyme – Thym Thyme grows in dry, rocky places.  It is a native to Spain, southern France and Italy.  Next to Rosemary, Thyme is the most common herb in our area.  Thyme has been, and still is, an important culinary … Continue reading

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Thlaspi perfolatium

Clasp leaf Pennycress – Tabouret perfolié At the moment, this little plant (10-20 cm tall) is in full bloom.  It is easy to recognise because of its leaves.  You might mistake them at first glance for ‘Shepard’s Purse’, because of … Continue reading

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Cardaria (Lepidium) draba

Hoary Cress – Brocoli sauvage Hoary Cress is a perennial, considered invasive in the U.S.A., where it has been introduced.  The plant is greyish/green in appearance, velvety to the touch.  It is very common in the south of France.  It … Continue reading

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