Beverages –

Dandelion Coffee

Elderflower lemonade

Nettle Beer

Sloe Gin

Traditional Sweet Violet Syrup

Thyme wine

Thyme liqueur

Cakes –


Elderberry Fritters

Lavender cake

Chicken –

Chicken with Herbs in Foil

Poulet au Pastis

Dessert –

Elderflower sorbet

Baked fresh Figs and Cointreau

Eggs –

Baked Greek Omelette

Scrambled Eggs with Fennel

Fish –

Baked Fish with Rosemary

Mackerel with Fennel Stuffing

Seviche of Scallops and Herbs

Jam –

Arbutus/Strawberry Tree Jam

Fig Jam

Lamb –

Greek Roast Lamb

Lamb Steaks with Thyme

Pancake –

Herbal Pancake

Pasta –

Nettle Gnocchi


Figs, Prosciutto and Gorgonzola

Pork Chops with Honey and Herbs

Salads –

Chicory & Hedge Garlic

Dandelion Salad

Purslane Salad



Winter Greens Salad


Green Sauce

Soups –

Buttermilk and Fennel Soup

Cress Soup

Fish soup with Fennel

Lentil and Nettle Soup

Nettle Soup

Sopa de Ago (Garlic Soup)

Stir fries –


Hoary cress

Teas –

Hepatica nobilis infusion

Marigold Tea

Thyme infusion

Veal –

Veal with Rosemary

Vegetables –

Baked Nettle Puree with Cheese Sauce

Oven baked potatoes

Beetroot with Fennel

Tomatoes with Florentine Fennel and Fennel Herb


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