Celtis australis

European Nettle Tree – Micocoulier

nettletree with berriesThe leaves of this tree look so similar to the leaves of nettles, hence the name.  It grows 15-20 m tall.  The flowers are rather small, male and female on the same tree, single or in clusters.  The autumn fruits have long been a favourite of the children in Provence and having tried them I can just see them pulling off bunches on their way to school.  They are rather small but, for such a small berry, they have a distinguishing, sweet taste.
Bibliography:  Gabrielle Wellesley, telling us the story about Provençal children; Celtis australis – Wikipedia. 

About seasonalforaging

We are a group of friends who enjoy walking in the countryside in Provence searching for plants and herbs to identify and use.
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